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The Kaap Agri group specialises in retail and trade in agricultural, fuel and related retail markets in Southern Africa. With its strategic footprint, infrastructure, facilities and client network, Kaap Agri follows a differentiated market approach. In support of the core retail business, Kaap Agri also offers financial, grain handling and agency services.

“At Kaap Agri the reason for our existence is that all our stakeholders should be better off because we exist”
– Sean Walsh, Managing Director




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On Monday morning, the 26th June 2017, Kaap Agri Limited listed on the “speciality retailer” sector of the main board of the JSE.

According to Sean Walsh, CEO of Kaap Agri, Listing on the JSE will make Kaap Agri visible to a wider investor audience which will draw additional liquidity. The listing will also provide a platform for Kaap Agri to use its script for accretive merger and acquisition activities alongside organic growth.”

Walsh says Kaap Agri is confident that it will be able to reach its target of a minimum annual growth of 15% in headline earnings per share over the next three years.

Kaap Agri listed at R58,60, which represents a market cap of approximately R4.1 billion

KAAP AGRI LIMITED (Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa)

Registration Number: 2011/113185/06

(“Kaap Agri”)

Shareholders are referred to Kaap Agri’s previous announcements, regarding the company’s listing on the main board of the JSE Limited, which is expected to occur on or about 26 June 2017. Shareholders were previously advised that, in anticipation of the listing, Kaap Agri’s share register will be closed and no trading in Kaap Agri shares will be permitted from and including Friday, 9 June 2017 until the listing. Due to the extent of the administration of the dematerialisation process, given the large number of shareholders on Kaap Agri’s share register, it has now been decided to bring this date forward and to suspend trading in Kaap Agri shares from 12:00 on Monday, 29 May 2017. This will allow the share register to be finalised prior to the listing, thereby facilitating an orderly dematerialisation process and enabling dematerialised shareholders to trade in their Kaap Agri shares on the listing date.

Any questions in relation to the above can be directed to Kaap Agri’s trading officer, Lizelle Bleeker, on 022 931 8200.


29 May 2017

Transaction advisor and sponsor – PSG Capital

KAAP AGRI LIMITED (Reg No 2011/113185/06)

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors declared an interim dividend of 29.40 cents per ordinary share for the interim period ending 31 March 2017 for payment to shareholders that are registered as such in the share register on the record date.

Important dates:

Last day of trading cum dividend : 12 May 2017
Trading ex-dividend commences : 15 May 2017
Record date : 19 May 2017
Dividend Payable : 9 June 2017

The share register will be closed from 19 May 2017 up to and including 29 May 2017.

Interim Results can be viewed under “Corporate – Financial results”

Results can be viewed under “Corporate – Financial results”

Shareholders are advised that Kaap Agri’s Board of directors has instructed management to go ahead with the listing of the company on the main board of the JSE. Shareholders will be advised on developments in this regard.

Board of directors: Kaap Agri Limited

Take note that the share register of Kaap Agri Limited (Registration number 2011/113185/06) will be closed at 15:30 on 20 January 2017 up to and including 16 February 2017.

Important dates:

Last date of trade cum dividend: 20 January 2017
Trading ex-dividend commences:  23 January 2017
Record date to qualify for dividend: 27 January 2017
Dividend Payable: 17 February 2017
Record date to receive notice of AGM: 13 January 2017
Record date to participate and vote on AGM: 03 February 2017

KAAP AGRI LIMITED (Reg No 2011/113185/06)

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors declared a final dividend of 68 cents per ordinary share for the period ending 30 September 2016 for payment to shareholders that are registered as such in the share register on the record date.

Important dates:

Last day of trading cum-dividend : 20 January 2017
Record date : 27 January 2017
Dividend Payable : 17 February 2017

Results can be viewed under “Corporate – Financial results”

KAAP AGRI LIMITED (Registration number 2011/113185/06)

As you are aware, the Registrar of Securities Services of the FSB during May 2014 by means of a proposed directive, indicated that “over-the-counter” trading platforms do not, in his opinion, conform to the requirements of the Financial Markets Act, 2012 (FMA).

On the 11th of July 2014 the FSB published a directive in terms of which they insisted that businesses operating “over-the-counter” platforms either stop trading, or apply for a trading licence, or apply for exemption from certain requirements of the FMA. Kaap Agri received temporary exemption, which expires shortly.

Against this background, Kaap Agri was compelled to review the manner in which trading of shares takes place, and a new system was developed which will come into operation on the 26th August 2015.

Trading will in future require bilateral negotiations between Purchasers and Sellers, and shareholders should note that the new operating procedures differ from the existing procedure in the following way:

  • Kaap Agri will provide investors with an internet-based service which will allow prospective investors to indicate their intention to buy or sell shares.
  • Once a prospective Purchaser and Seller have recorded their intention to buy or sell at the same price, they will both receive a written Sale of Share Agreement which has to be signed by each party within 48 hours. Purchasers and Sellers have the opportunity to negotiate with one another and a transaction is only concluded once the said Sale of Share Agreement has been signed by both parties.
  • The Purchaser must pay the purchase price directly into the Sellers bank account, but only once the Seller has provided Kaap Agri with the original share certificate and the securities transfer form.
    Kaap Agri will make every effort to provide you with a fast and effective service. Parties to a transaction will be provided with a contract, generated by the system, by e-mail or any other convenient method. Particulars of transactions, share prices, and a history snapshot indicating previous prices will be available on the website, as is the case presently.

Unfortunately Purchasers and Sellers initially have to sign a copy of the new rules before trading can take place. Please note that existing bids and offers to buy and sell will be cancelled on the 25th of August 2015, in order to implement the new system.

A copy of the rules will be available on the website from the 21st of August 2015 or can be obtained from Lizelle Bleeker at 022 931 8200. All queries with regard to the procedures can be addressed to Lizelle.

Reinhard Köstens
Company Secretary

Please note that a temporary exemption from the requirements to be licensed as an exchange was granted by the Registrar, until 31 August 2015, subject to certain conditions. Over-the-counter trading will therefor continue as in the past.

In the course of the following weeks certain changes to the share trading model will be implemented to place the Kaap Agri infrastructure outside of the ambit of an “exchange”, with minimum inconvenience to purchasers and sellers.

We will advise shareholders timeously of the proposed changes.

Please note that the temporary exemption from the requirements to be licensed as an Exchange granted by the Registrar of Securities services expires on 30 May 2015.
Kaap Agri proposed a new set of amended trading procedures to the Registrar, which is intended to ensure that the trading procedures do not fall within the definition of an “exchange” in terms of the Financial Markets Act. We are awaiting a response from the office of the Registrar.

Shareholders are advised that any future trading procedures (after 30 May 2015) would involve bilateral negotiations and direct transactions between purchaser and sellers, with administrative assistance from Kaap Agri. In this regard Kaap Agri will strive to support purchasers and sellers to enable them to buy or sell shares.

Please note that the Board of Directors of Kaap Agri Limited decided to change the company’s trading procedures and systems so that it cannot be defined as an “Exchange” in terms of the Financial Market Act, 2012.
New rules and procedures were developed and presented to the Financial Services Board. Their response is awaited.

Investor Relations


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